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Wooden Patio Covers

Patios add beautiful outdoor space to homes. Patios can also add a transition into the garden. These wooden covers function to protect the patio from the sun and other elements. These wooden covers can be very stylish. Wooden patios offer beauty to the patio and protect it from the rain and sun.

Wooden covers add value to the home. You can enjoy outdoor activities like barbecues with an outdoor patio in the sun or the rain. An outdoor patio is a great place to curl up with a good book. Wooden covers offer style and grace.

Wooden covers have gained superiority over other materials because of their beauty. Cedar and redwood are hard woods and most commonly used for wooden patios. The beauty of wood does not compare to other patio materials.

Your patio can become a work of art. Add your personal style and it will increase the value of your home. It protects the patio furniture and barbeque from the sun, snow or rain as well as providing shade. Some woods cost more then other materials but worth the investment. Another wood is 20 to 30 percent less than aluminum or vinyl wooden covers.

Wood patio covers do require some maintenance. They need treatment to prevent water seepage and bug infestation.

Wooden patio covers can be damaged by the sun wind or rain. Wood does deteriorate quicker than other synthetic materials.

During the first couple year’s preservative should be applied to the wooden cover. This will ensure the wood’s durability. Then is should be reapplied every three years or so. The wood patio covering may end up costing more over the years then vinyl or aluminum but some may find the beauty of a wooden cover worth the price and maintenance.

If you want the natural beauty for your patio cover then wood would be the right choice. Wood is elegant looking and there are many choices and styles to choose from. If you can do it yourself, installing a wooden patio cover is simple.

If you are going for a complicated design it might be better to hire a professional.

Wooden patio covers are often made of pine, oak or hardwood. Oak is more expensive but lasts longer than pinewood or hardwood. Plywood sheets in lap board can also be used but the wood needs to be finished.