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Patio Covers Austin Appeal to Many Tastes

Enjoying the outdoors means different things to different people. One thing we can all agree on: patio covers help make the outdoor spaces even more enjoyable. With their shade, ambiance and elegance, they can make any patio more of a gathering place.

Out in the drier and hotter climates of the country, it is much more appreciated to have shaded patio covers that provide some relief from the beating and relentless sun. In other parts of the country, the opportunity to sit out and get some rays is what it is all about. Here, you might opt to have retractable awnings that can be attached to give your covered patio more versatility.

One big move over the last several years is to bring the indoors out with the popularity of the outdoor living space. These take advantage of your deck or patio and create a space that is like a kitchen in your backyard. Here, you will find all the amenities and more available in a modern indoor kitchen. These outdoor patio rooms as they are sometimes called are showing up in all regions of the country.

How you cover your patio is up to your imagination. You might choose to consult with experienced contractors or designers to see what is available in the way of patio cover designs. Architectural and fine home magazines can also serve as a source of inspiration.

Mediterranean styled patio covers are still a very popular choice. These utilize stone and pillars and have a timeless and elegant appeal. Your patio might not look right with this style because it needs to match or at the very least not clash with your home’s decor. You want your outdoor space to add to or enhance your home’s appeal, not distract from it.

A pergola is the most popular style of patio cover. A gazebo and pergola are often confused. The simple difference is that a gazebo has more of a pitched roof appearance to it, while a pergola has more of a flat lattice, criss-cross appearance. Pergolas are basically designed to have plants and vines growing on top of them and this is what leads to that Mediterranean feel.

Your choice of materials with which to cover your patio is also more broad than you might think. With everything from patio cover kits, to metal and real wood, you have choices. Pergolas that are custom built to your site and specifications are almost always made with wood. This provides years of use. Metal can also be used to cover your patio and some estimates say it can last up to 40-50 years. Metal provides a much more rustic look, similar to an old country barn look.

If your patio cover is over a concrete slab, no need to worry about what type of ‘roof’ it has. However, if you have patio furniture or your outdoor living space kitchen, you may want more protection. Covering a wooden deck and you might consider a more fully covered patio that will give you more protection from the elements. Not only will this give you more usable space, but it will add years to the life of your deck.

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