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Opening Patio Cover

For optimum space utilization, many people use the extra space extension in the house as a patio. The space can be fitted with an opening patio cover which extends over the whole area. The opening patio cover comes in many different materials while providing protection to plants, outdoor dining and casual sitting. Generally, opening patio covers can be fixed separately even after the house has been constructed. This shaded area extends over an open space and can be utilized as per the requirement.

The novel innovation that has been introduced is the opening patio cover which is electronically controlled.

The designers have evolved a new rotating opening patio cover which is simple, light and flexible contraption which provides a lot of protection from rain and the sun. It also provides shade and ventilation with the range of opening patio covers. Many companies like Eclipse, Stratco and similar companies have developed solid roofs that can be turned into open louver structure according to changing weather conditions.

Traditional patio covers come in many materials like aluminum, insulated varieties, lattice and wooden covers. The shade provided by the opening patio cover allows for filtered sunshine and good for growing plants that do not need direct sunlight. The rotating opening patio cover allows for aluminum louvers rotate nearly 180 degrees when the weather is good, you can catch the sun, shield yourself from the winds and can be shut for privacy and rain protection.

The opening patio cover is usually spans about 3.5 to 4 meters with insulated strong blades that have sensors responding to water, so in case of rainfall they close automatically, waterproofing the patio and everything under it. This type of opening patio cover is popular in open air restaurants and homes with back porch and patios. During the summer sitting in direct sunlight becomes difficult so this type of opening patio cover can provide ample shade when the louvers interlock making a solid roof while in the mild winters when sunlight is preferred the glare is kept away and you get ample warmth filtered through the slats.

They come with the convenience of a remote touch control to open out or fold the louvers as and when required. It is your choice which company you prefer or whether you want to go in for a traditional patio cover that remains immovable or the new innovative rotating opening patio cover.

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