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Wood Patio Covers – Making Your Home Both Beautiful And Functional

Wood is naturally durable and has been used for millennia as tools, furniture, homes and whatever else anyone could think of. And that’s not to mention it can be beautiful beyond belief. If you do not mind the time it takes to maintain its look, then certainly wood patio covers can be perfect for improving the look and functionality of the space outside your home. The results can be very elegant and romantic.

Why add a patio cover? It is very simple actually. Patio covers allow you to enjoy your patio any time that you want to. If it is raining, you can still sit outside to enjoy the cool night air. The same applies during the summer when you can enjoy the shade that the patio cover will provide. Furthermore, the patio cover adds value to your home and improves the style as well. Utilizing wood as the material for your patio cover allows you to create something unique. The appearance of your house and the functionality of it will be completely in your control.

Wood choice is of supreme importance because the patio cover will be under constant bombardment from the elements. Your choice will need to be able to hold up to your areas weather conditions, and you do not want to have to constantly repair or treat it. When you begin your search, also keep in mind your current home appearance so that whichever wood you choose will compliment it.

Out of all of your choices, pinewood will keep paint very well. Unfortunately, though pinewood does not come with an anti-rotting agent. This is not so with other hardwoods. Several good choices for hardwood patio covers include cedar, cyprus and redwood. Staining the wood would require a long grained wood choice. Using a long grain wood allows a continuous and flowing design that knots in the wood will not hinder.

You can be very creative with your cover by adding decorative accents and designs to it. Going this extra mile will add a lot to the style, design and value of the cover, and your home as well. You may want to consider using arbors, latticed and solid roofs for your patio design. The arbors and lattice are intricate and ornately beautiful – you can try a combination of them to get something unique.

Keep in mind that manufacturers have been busy creating patio covers made from artificial wood. They are not wood and quite often need support by using real wood. Why bother adding real wood to fake when you could just use real wood to begin with? You will just increase your costs. These same companies have also created do it yourself wood patio kits. These kits are actually interlocking wooden tiles, much like those used for flooring, and can be taken apart to be cleaned and reinstalled at another location if need be. However, in the end, wood patio covers are the only sound choice you can make.

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