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A Patio Cover Adds Value and Comfort to Your Home

If you’re a Texas homeowner, you know how enjoyable an outdoor patio can be – providing it’s covered. If it’s open, though, you probably don’t spend much time on your patio, given how blazing hot it can get in the summer and how rainy it can get in the winter. But Texans do love the outdoors, and it’s a shame not to be able to enjoy your patio virtually year-round. That’s why you need to install a shade cover, an awning, or some other type of patio cover.

When you add a well-designed, high quality patio cover, you’ll not only be able to utilize what is often wasted space in Texas homes, but you’ll also add value to your home. Beyond that, you give yourself options for later home improvements, since you can always enclose your patio with screen or glass in the future – turning it into a sunroom without having to rebuild the roof.

Lone Star State residents have a variety of options when it comes to patio enclosures. Patio cover styles include the pergola (often known as an arbor), which is a shaded area with cross beams and open lattice; an awning; or a shade cover, which is often solid but can have skylights. Some people even opt for carport-like structures.

Hiring a Contractor

If you decide to hire a Texas contractor to construct your patio cover, it’s crucial that you select one with an established reputation. A reputable contractor will ensure that you receive a lifetime warranty against leaks and problems with the finish, and make sure that the shade cover is properly built and engineered to withstand Texas’ harsh weather conditions. In addition, better contractors will provide you with patio cover pictures, a selection of patio cover prices, and even custom designs that will perfectly match the style of your home.

If you’ve ever felt imprisoned in your home because the Texas heat or rain prevented you from enjoying your patio, it’s time to look into installing a patio cover. When you do, you’ll be able to invite friends over for barbecues, relax with your family outdoors, and enjoy all the Lone Star State has to offer.

Patio Cover Designs

Selecting a Patio Cover Design is a personal choice. If an architect designed the patio then the cover has to be of appropriate quality and custom made. But if the patio has been done by you, then decide on a cover that is easily fixed and durable. The neighbor’s Patio Cover does look good but it might be out of budget or would not match with house layout and usage. The patio could be for general use or a utility room to place a grill, clothes hanger, a table and few chairs; for entertaining purposes; a hobby or recreation room or an all weather living area for you and family pets.

Consult friends and magazines and do not go by availability. Designs are plentiful, from colored or striped awnings for partial covers, patio umbrellas for limited area cover, or solid aluminum or wood patio covers for complete protection against sun and rain. The wood or aluminum wood Patio Cover could be practical and fashionable and is available in a lattice or dome-shaped design. These covers are made of the highest quality material and do not twist, rot, warp or decay. Wood is being replaced with aluminum as it is maintenance-free, providing protection from the sun and rain for extended periods. Solar design patio covers are ideal in areas with plenty of sunlight. These covers, along with offering shade, produce clean and environmentally friendly electricity.

Selecting a Patio Cover Design also depends on the décor and shape of structure supporting it. A solid cover design is a good choice if you want to block out sun and rain or do not want to cover or remove outdoor items. In this case, an alternate would be to cover a portion of the patio with a solid roof and other half with lattice design. Another Patio Cover Design is pergola, which complements an attractive backyard. One can create a relaxing outdoor atmosphere with a pergola structure either attached to the house or free standing. The angled slats give an airy feeling and at same time block sun to provide comfortable shade.

If you are a practical person then select a gable Patio Cover framed with aluminum rafters with no visible fastening system or ugly screws. If you really want to make full use of the patio in rain and sunshine then have a clear canopy made with indestructible polycarbonate with aluminum frames that will not rust. The canopy is available in clear and bronze tints.

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Opening Patio Cover

For optimum space utilization, many people use the extra space extension in the house as a patio. The space can be fitted with an opening patio cover which extends over the whole area. The opening patio cover comes in many different materials while providing protection to plants, outdoor dining and casual sitting. Generally, opening patio covers can be fixed separately even after the house has been constructed. This shaded area extends over an open space and can be utilized as per the requirement.

The novel innovation that has been introduced is the opening patio cover which is electronically controlled.

The designers have evolved a new rotating opening patio cover which is simple, light and flexible contraption which provides a lot of protection from rain and the sun. It also provides shade and ventilation with the range of opening patio covers. Many companies like Eclipse, Stratco and similar companies have developed solid roofs that can be turned into open louver structure according to changing weather conditions.

Traditional patio covers come in many materials like aluminum, insulated varieties, lattice and wooden covers. The shade provided by the opening patio cover allows for filtered sunshine and good for growing plants that do not need direct sunlight. The rotating opening patio cover allows for aluminum louvers rotate nearly 180 degrees when the weather is good, you can catch the sun, shield yourself from the winds and can be shut for privacy and rain protection.

The opening patio cover is usually spans about 3.5 to 4 meters with insulated strong blades that have sensors responding to water, so in case of rainfall they close automatically, waterproofing the patio and everything under it. This type of opening patio cover is popular in open air restaurants and homes with back porch and patios. During the summer sitting in direct sunlight becomes difficult so this type of opening patio cover can provide ample shade when the louvers interlock making a solid roof while in the mild winters when sunlight is preferred the glare is kept away and you get ample warmth filtered through the slats.

They come with the convenience of a remote touch control to open out or fold the louvers as and when required. It is your choice which company you prefer or whether you want to go in for a traditional patio cover that remains immovable or the new innovative rotating opening patio cover.

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Patio Cover Ideas

Patio covers provide a little or shade or cover for those who want to enjoy the outside view, and can be inexpensive provided with the right materials. Of course there are dozens of patio cover ideas that are available everywhere on TV, the movies and even on the internet, even if they don’t notice it at first.

Patio covers are generally made of wood, while others can be a bit more creative like using small trees just high enough for a standard floor to ceiling height. Other man-made ones can be of plastic and such, but this is not recommended unless it fits the desired theme and category.

Some of the patio covers seen are usually the clever ones. One patio can be made to look like a vineyard over the brick-lain area, and added with ivy or the like (actual grapevines for those who can afford it) would have a more Italian feel to any patio. Other ways to make a patio even more colorful is to add a few hanging plants and the like, as if emulating the hanging gardens.

Some patio covers can be made with an eastern touch. For the Chinese and Japanese, layered tiles can create a more Oriental look to make it more elegant. Of course, it would mean total cover and shade, but not enough it would appear like a gazebo. Having a few cheap ornamental pieces like some Japanese statues and hanging bamboo mats would complete the effect.

Other construction materials for patio covers would also involve using bricks or even concrete columns for support. Some of the usual designs would be like Roman columns, added with the slatted cover around a good-sized patio for a more regal approach. Though not much decoration is needed, this would be perfect for homeowners who live in hot weather. Other support columns are made using stone or bricks for that sturdy feeling for any patio cover.

As for color, most patio covers are usually in its drab white. Of course this doesn’t undermine the patio cover’s true purpose, but the more popular ones are of earth tones that can capture the surrounding landscape as well. Making sure the desired color is being selected, it would be best to stick with the outer paint of the house, if not just white. There are a few patio covers that are left as is, with some varnished to give the patio a sheen look. Making sure the patio wouldn’t be a splinter-prone area, most carpenters would make sure to sand and smoothen the edges.

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Wood Patio Cover Designs – The Pros And Cons

There are lots of patio cover designs available on the market nowadays, and these include the wood patio cover designs. If you are interested in wood patio cover designs, here are some of their pros and cons to help you decide whether they are the right ones for you. 
Wood patio cover designs are the best choices for homeowners who want natural beauty and elegance. Since patios are located outside of the home, wood will naturally blend with the outdoors and will have enough of the comfortable and cozy feel of the indoors. It is also the right material to choose if you are also thinking about growing vines or flowers up the side or on top of your patio covers. These vines and flowers can definitely add a more exciting effect to your patio. 
Aside from their natural beauty and elegance, wood patio cover designs are also preferred by homeowners because they can be stained or painted with any color which suits their preference. This feature can allow you to match your patio according to the color of your home. Once you painted your patio cover with the color that complements the rest of your home, you will definitely love the more enhanced look that it will provide. 
In addition, wood patio cover designs are fairly inexpensive unlike the other types of materials used for patio covers. This way you will not have to worry about your budget getting ripped off, but rather enjoy the extra savings that you will get. With just a small amount, you can already install a patio cover that will be usable all year round. 
Wood patio cover designs can really offer you lots of advantages. However, before you make a final choice, you also have to consider their drawbacks. Wood patio cover designs require regular maintenance and have to be treated for weather and termite resistance. These also need to be repainted from time to time because wood paint easily wears off. So, if you choose this option, be ready for the maintenance that it needs and make sure that you exert extra time and effort for that. 
With these pros and cons of the wood patio cover designs discussed to you, you can now decide whether these are the right options for your needed patio covers or not. If you think these are not, then look at the other options such as those made of aluminum, acrylic, or fiber. 
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Transform Your Patio With Simple But Elegant Patio Cover Designs

Patio cover designs are critical when it comes to determining the overall satisfaction you expect from your lovely patio. So, it will be your wise choice to consider your options regarding patio cover designs prior to buying wood, canvas, vinyl, fabric or other forms of materials. The truth is that, patio covers could feature pretty simple designs as well as very elaborate ones. Both types of designs can turn out to be useful, depending on the unique situation of the home and patio owner.

You could have plans and know how for building a pergola. That would be taken as a simple looking patio cover. Fortunately, in many instances, simplicity translates into extremely elegant type of end results. You will be provided with a shade and you have the liberty to have all the greenery, vines or flowers you want. Just let them grow up along the posts, up till the top. This sounds all simple, but such covered patio could yield the elegance as well as character.

Yet another option could be to go for a rather elaborate kind of patio cover option. How about considering design ideas that features Mediterranean kind of look and feel? For bringing that kind of appeal, you can make use of simple, yet effective things like stone and some special kind of roofing.

In the majority of the cases, a typical villa or may be a cabana styled patio cover could feature stone as well as mortar posts featuring a terracotta tiled roof. But then again, there might be special fabric drapes or other kind of conveniently retractable awnings. These can provide your shade very well. Additionally, they could be easily retracted for your desired level of sun in the daytime or during the night. They are both simple as well as elaborate kind of covers featuring nice looking fans!

Patio covers happen to be superb for your outdoor kitchens too! And there are a wide variety of feasible reasons people get them. While some just take it to beautify their home’s interior or home decor, others lean towards mind blowing patio cover designs as they want to bring a whole new look the outdoor appearance, landscape, or pool and garden. But you can’t deny the thing that people with patios can get benefits in many ways, which are hard to describe through words.

And given all that, you should plan your patio nicely and artily build. You are at your liberty to choose the material – could be poured concrete made slab, could be tiled, could be brick paver, or any other surface. But even the grandest looking patio might look incomplete without the right covers. There really are numerous styling that you might choose from. But the commercially sold patio cover kits could be after all worth considering. You could easily transform your patio with simple but elegant patio cover designs.

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