Patio Covers – Giving New Life To An Average Backyard

Patios are a typical fixture in most American homes. They are often used as a relaxation area where the whole family can gather outside of the house. Parents can sit and read on the patio while watching the kids play in the backyard. Sometimes the patio is also used as an entertaining area when you have family or friends over for a Sunday afternoon barbecue, or even an informal dinner, when the weather is good.

The patio can be a setting for many different things, but it all comes down to the weather. If the weather is on any extreme, whether there’s a thunderstorm or the sun is scorching hot, an uncovered patio is not much use for anything at all. Something as simple as patio covers can change all this.

When you install patio covers, the patio will be usable all year round. No matter what the weather conditions are, there’s no need to worry if you have patio covers. Remember the time when you invited your office friends over for a fun patio barbecue, but the weather did not cooperate? Surely you ended up canceling the affair altogether.

But once you put up your patio covers, you need not worry about such things. You can do so much more in your patio than when it was left exposed to the elements. Once you have patio covers, you can leave games in the patio without having to worry. Some people even put televisions and other electronic appliances out in their patio.

With patio covers, gone are the days when your patio was a typical wooden platform with a table and a couple of chairs. You can make your patio as interesting as you want. You can design it as an extension of the house, or you can treat it as a part of the garden. The great thing is that whatever design you decide on, there will be an array of patio covers that you can choose from.

The popular vote is for wooden structures, because they are very informal and blend well with the natural environment in the backyard. However, the maintenance of wood might become tedious as the years go by, so if you are a busy person, you might also want to consider putting up metal frames for your patio covers.

Some people also prefer using patio covers that are made from cloth, or some other material that is easy to take down. This choice is also practical for people who like changing designs often, as a mere change of color or fabric can drastically change the appearance of your patio.

In the end, the choice of patio covers really depends on your personal preference, and on what purpose you want your patio to serve. One thing is for sure – once you add patio covers, you can start treating your patio as another room of your house, and how you use it is limited only by your imagination.

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Let Your Patio Furniture and Patio Covers Set the Tone For Garden Living

Your patio furniture can set the tone for your outdoor living space. It doesn’t matter whether your outdoor furniture is in a shaded area or out in the open by the pool. When the area is not in use it should be protected and so should the patio furniture using a good quality cover. Outdoor covers will keep your pieces looking fresh and new. There are many different styles and colors to choose from. Patio covers make your patio look inviting when it is covered or not.

You can get patio furniture in a variety of styles and materials. Choosing outdoor furniture can seem like a daunting task with all the available options out there. You will also see a big difference in prices of outdoor furniture. The price usually depends on what the furniture is made out of. What type you choose will depend on your preference and budget.

Buying the more expensive higher quality may cost you more to buy. However, in the long run, the furniture will pay for itself. It will last a long time and stand up to daily use. To protect it even further you can put patio covers on the pieces when not in use. One piece of high quality outdoor furniture could actually end of costing less than having to replace cheap pieces several times.

When you are looking at patio furniture you want to make sure the material is the right kind for your needs. Aluminum is a popular choice for patio chairs. Just be aware that unless the pieces have a baked on powder finish the patio furniture will start to corrode within a year of continuously being outside. On the other hand, the coated pieces usually come with a guarantee. Of course, the powder coated patio furniture will cost more, but will last a lifetime. The same is true of wrought iron furniture. The type that is power coated is more expensive but will last for a long time.

The quality of the cushion is very important too; because they get the most use. You want the cushion cover to be durable and have a UV and water protection coating on them. To double protect your patio furniture and cushions you should invest in high quality patio furniture covers.

Covers will protect your outdoor furniture from rain, moisture and the harmful rays of the sun. There are many different colors and designer collections to choose from. You can coordinate the covers with your outdoor décor and your patio will look warm and inviting with or without the covers.

There are an array of different styles and pieces of outdoor furniture to give you endless options when decorating your outside area. You can even mix and match different types of outdoor furniture to give your space a style all its own.

Patio furniture can be a big investment, especially if you get high quality pieces. You have spent your hard earned money on making your outdoor living space beautiful. To make it stay looking fresh and inviting; you should seriously consider also investing in high quality outdoor furniture covers.

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Choosing Between Patio Enclosures and Patio Covers

The one thing that nobody ever seems to have enough of is space. Because of this truth, many seek to expand into their backyard areas to create more usable spaces for their needs and enjoyment. However, there are multiple ways to approach this. Many seek to fully enclose their patio area from the outdoors to create a pleasant sun room or reading area. Others want to keep the patio open yet covered from bad weather. Both solutions have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Patio Enclosures
Patio enclosures are a great way to add an additional room or rooms to your home. This could be something as simple as a sun room or as elaborate as an additional kitchen. The main advantage to a patio enclosure is that you’re completely cut off from the outdoors. This means that you can enjoy the space no matter what the conditions outside are like. For extremely cold or hot weather the enclosed space will function just as well. The main disadvantage of this, though, is the exact same as it’s primary advantage – you’re completely cut off from the outdoors. This is a detriment anytime that you want to lounge around feeling a cool breeze and enjoying the sunshine. Some people try to get around this by covering entire walls with panes of glass for the sun and using screens to allow wind to filter in. Whatever the final setup, a patio enclosure is a significant investment of money.

Patio Covers
A patio cover is a simpler solution that allows you to feel like you’re still outside. The advantage of a patio cover is that you have greater assurance that your furniture and belongings won’t be damaged by rain or direct sunlight. Patio covers come in all sorts of varieties so that you can choose which one is best for your home. Patio covers are a great solution if you still want to feel the wind blowing through your hair on a balmy summer day. You may not be able to use the patio area during the worst weather conditions, but when you do use the patio you’ll still be part of the great outdoors.

Personal Space Solution
Make sure you consider your own unique needs before making a large investment into either a patio enclosure or a patio cover. Consider just how often you’ll use the space before determining what the space will ultimately look like. This will help you make a better choice so that you can enjoy your patio area all the more for years to come.

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High Quality Patio Covers

When patio furniture covers were first introduced they were usually made of flimsy plastic or vinyl. However, now you can purchase high quality outdoor furniture covers made of sturdy materials and decorative collections that are appealing to look at. There are many choices available today that allow you to coordinate you patio furniture covers with the decor of your outdoor living area. Today you can get patio covers that allow your outdoor entertaining area to look warm and inviting whether it is covered or not.

There are a variety of different materials and types of covers to choose from. Patio furniture covers are made to protect you outdoor furniture from the elements. There are covers that are made especially for storing away your patio furniture in the winter months which will protect the cushions and frames from the weather conditions.

A person that lives in a rainy climate or a coastal area where their outdoor furniture is exposed to damp ocean air, needs to make sure that they choose the correct cover. They need covers that are water resistant and will keep their furniture dry. It also must be made of breathable materials so it will not keep in the moisture and be able to dry quickly.

A person that lives in an area that has a colder climate, and especially where you get snow and ice, will want to make sure they have the proper outdoor furniture covers. For these types of conditions it is recommended that you get covers that are heavy duty and will stand up to the elements.

If a person lives in a hot sunny climate they want to choose patio furniture covers that have UV protection. This is especially true if your furniture sits out in the open and is not protected by an awning. The sun can do a lot of damage to your patio furniture. It will dry out and fade the cushions, making them brittle and the fabric will fall apart. The sun can also do major damage to your patio furniture frames, especially teakwood and rattan.

To keep the cushions on your outdoor furniture looking good you should wash them on a regular basis. You can also spot clean them when something gets spilled on them. Most cushions have a protective coating applied to them. If your outdoor patio furniture doesn’t already have a protective coating you can apply one easily. This makes cleaning up spills easy and your cushions will not become stained.

The label on your patio cushions should have washing instructions. Most cushion covers can be removed and washed in a washing machine. You should never put the cushion covers in a dryer. A dryer will shrink the covers and you will not be able to get them back over the foam cushions. Instead of using the dryer you should lay them out flat to dry.

Buying covers for your outdoor patio furniture is a good investment and will help to keep your outdoor living space looking attractive and inviting for years to come.

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Opening Patio Cover

For optimum space utilization, many people use the extra space extension in the house as a patio. The space can be fitted with an opening patio cover which extends over the whole area. The opening patio cover comes in many different materials while providing protection to plants, outdoor dining and casual sitting. Generally, opening patio covers can be fixed separately even after the house has been constructed. This shaded area extends over an open space and can be utilized as per the requirement.

The novel innovation that has been introduced is the opening patio cover which is electronically controlled.

The designers have evolved a new rotating opening patio cover which is simple, light and flexible contraption which provides a lot of protection from rain and the sun. It also provides shade and ventilation with the range of opening patio covers. Many companies like Eclipse, Stratco and similar companies have developed solid roofs that can be turned into open louver structure according to changing weather conditions.

Traditional patio covers come in many materials like aluminum, insulated varieties, lattice and wooden covers. The shade provided by the opening patio cover allows for filtered sunshine and good for growing plants that do not need direct sunlight. The rotating opening patio cover allows for aluminum louvers rotate nearly 180 degrees when the weather is good, you can catch the sun, shield yourself from the winds and can be shut for privacy and rain protection.

The opening patio cover is usually spans about 3.5 to 4 meters with insulated strong blades that have sensors responding to water, so in case of rainfall they close automatically, waterproofing the patio and everything under it. This type of opening patio cover is popular in open air restaurants and homes with back porch and patios. During the summer sitting in direct sunlight becomes difficult so this type of opening patio cover can provide ample shade when the louvers interlock making a solid roof while in the mild winters when sunlight is preferred the glare is kept away and you get ample warmth filtered through the slats.

They come with the convenience of a remote touch control to open out or fold the louvers as and when required. It is your choice which company you prefer or whether you want to go in for a traditional patio cover that remains immovable or the new innovative rotating opening patio cover.

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Wood Patio Covers – Making Your Home Both Beautiful And Functional

Wood is naturally durable and has been used for millennia as tools, furniture, homes and whatever else anyone could think of. And that’s not to mention it can be beautiful beyond belief. If you do not mind the time it takes to maintain its look, then certainly wood patio covers can be perfect for improving the look and functionality of the space outside your home. The results can be very elegant and romantic.

Why add a patio cover? It is very simple actually. Patio covers allow you to enjoy your patio any time that you want to. If it is raining, you can still sit outside to enjoy the cool night air. The same applies during the summer when you can enjoy the shade that the patio cover will provide. Furthermore, the patio cover adds value to your home and improves the style as well. Utilizing wood as the material for your patio cover allows you to create something unique. The appearance of your house and the functionality of it will be completely in your control.

Wood choice is of supreme importance because the patio cover will be under constant bombardment from the elements. Your choice will need to be able to hold up to your areas weather conditions, and you do not want to have to constantly repair or treat it. When you begin your search, also keep in mind your current home appearance so that whichever wood you choose will compliment it.

Out of all of your choices, pinewood will keep paint very well. Unfortunately, though pinewood does not come with an anti-rotting agent. This is not so with other hardwoods. Several good choices for hardwood patio covers include cedar, cyprus and redwood. Staining the wood would require a long grained wood choice. Using a long grain wood allows a continuous and flowing design that knots in the wood will not hinder.

You can be very creative with your cover by adding decorative accents and designs to it. Going this extra mile will add a lot to the style, design and value of the cover, and your home as well. You may want to consider using arbors, latticed and solid roofs for your patio design. The arbors and lattice are intricate and ornately beautiful – you can try a combination of them to get something unique.

Keep in mind that manufacturers have been busy creating patio covers made from artificial wood. They are not wood and quite often need support by using real wood. Why bother adding real wood to fake when you could just use real wood to begin with? You will just increase your costs. These same companies have also created do it yourself wood patio kits. These kits are actually interlocking wooden tiles, much like those used for flooring, and can be taken apart to be cleaned and reinstalled at another location if need be. However, in the end, wood patio covers are the only sound choice you can make.

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Patio Cover Ideas

Patio covers provide a little or shade or cover for those who want to enjoy the outside view, and can be inexpensive provided with the right materials. Of course there are dozens of patio cover ideas that are available everywhere on TV, the movies and even on the internet, even if they don’t notice it at first.

Patio covers are generally made of wood, while others can be a bit more creative like using small trees just high enough for a standard floor to ceiling height. Other man-made ones can be of plastic and such, but this is not recommended unless it fits the desired theme and category.

Some of the patio covers seen are usually the clever ones. One patio can be made to look like a vineyard over the brick-lain area, and added with ivy or the like (actual grapevines for those who can afford it) would have a more Italian feel to any patio. Other ways to make a patio even more colorful is to add a few hanging plants and the like, as if emulating the hanging gardens.

Some patio covers can be made with an eastern touch. For the Chinese and Japanese, layered tiles can create a more Oriental look to make it more elegant. Of course, it would mean total cover and shade, but not enough it would appear like a gazebo. Having a few cheap ornamental pieces like some Japanese statues and hanging bamboo mats would complete the effect.

Other construction materials for patio covers would also involve using bricks or even concrete columns for support. Some of the usual designs would be like Roman columns, added with the slatted cover around a good-sized patio for a more regal approach. Though not much decoration is needed, this would be perfect for homeowners who live in hot weather. Other support columns are made using stone or bricks for that sturdy feeling for any patio cover.

As for color, most patio covers are usually in its drab white. Of course this doesn’t undermine the patio cover’s true purpose, but the more popular ones are of earth tones that can capture the surrounding landscape as well. Making sure the desired color is being selected, it would be best to stick with the outer paint of the house, if not just white. There are a few patio covers that are left as is, with some varnished to give the patio a sheen look. Making sure the patio wouldn’t be a splinter-prone area, most carpenters would make sure to sand and smoothen the edges.

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Patio Covers Austin Appeal to Many Tastes

Enjoying the outdoors means different things to different people. One thing we can all agree on: patio covers help make the outdoor spaces even more enjoyable. With their shade, ambiance and elegance, they can make any patio more of a gathering place.

Out in the drier and hotter climates of the country, it is much more appreciated to have shaded patio covers that provide some relief from the beating and relentless sun. In other parts of the country, the opportunity to sit out and get some rays is what it is all about. Here, you might opt to have retractable awnings that can be attached to give your covered patio more versatility.

One big move over the last several years is to bring the indoors out with the popularity of the outdoor living space. These take advantage of your deck or patio and create a space that is like a kitchen in your backyard. Here, you will find all the amenities and more available in a modern indoor kitchen. These outdoor patio rooms as they are sometimes called are showing up in all regions of the country.

How you cover your patio is up to your imagination. You might choose to consult with experienced contractors or designers to see what is available in the way of patio cover designs. Architectural and fine home magazines can also serve as a source of inspiration.

Mediterranean styled patio covers are still a very popular choice. These utilize stone and pillars and have a timeless and elegant appeal. Your patio might not look right with this style because it needs to match or at the very least not clash with your home’s decor. You want your outdoor space to add to or enhance your home’s appeal, not distract from it.

A pergola is the most popular style of patio cover. A gazebo and pergola are often confused. The simple difference is that a gazebo has more of a pitched roof appearance to it, while a pergola has more of a flat lattice, criss-cross appearance. Pergolas are basically designed to have plants and vines growing on top of them and this is what leads to that Mediterranean feel.

Your choice of materials with which to cover your patio is also more broad than you might think. With everything from patio cover kits, to metal and real wood, you have choices. Pergolas that are custom built to your site and specifications are almost always made with wood. This provides years of use. Metal can also be used to cover your patio and some estimates say it can last up to 40-50 years. Metal provides a much more rustic look, similar to an old country barn look.

If your patio cover is over a concrete slab, no need to worry about what type of ‘roof’ it has. However, if you have patio furniture or your outdoor living space kitchen, you may want more protection. Covering a wooden deck and you might consider a more fully covered patio that will give you more protection from the elements. Not only will this give you more usable space, but it will add years to the life of your deck.

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Wood Patio Cover Designs – The Pros And Cons

There are lots of patio cover designs available on the market nowadays, and these include the wood patio cover designs. If you are interested in wood patio cover designs, here are some of their pros and cons to help you decide whether they are the right ones for you. 
Wood patio cover designs are the best choices for homeowners who want natural beauty and elegance. Since patios are located outside of the home, wood will naturally blend with the outdoors and will have enough of the comfortable and cozy feel of the indoors. It is also the right material to choose if you are also thinking about growing vines or flowers up the side or on top of your patio covers. These vines and flowers can definitely add a more exciting effect to your patio. 
Aside from their natural beauty and elegance, wood patio cover designs are also preferred by homeowners because they can be stained or painted with any color which suits their preference. This feature can allow you to match your patio according to the color of your home. Once you painted your patio cover with the color that complements the rest of your home, you will definitely love the more enhanced look that it will provide. 
In addition, wood patio cover designs are fairly inexpensive unlike the other types of materials used for patio covers. This way you will not have to worry about your budget getting ripped off, but rather enjoy the extra savings that you will get. With just a small amount, you can already install a patio cover that will be usable all year round. 
Wood patio cover designs can really offer you lots of advantages. However, before you make a final choice, you also have to consider their drawbacks. Wood patio cover designs require regular maintenance and have to be treated for weather and termite resistance. These also need to be repainted from time to time because wood paint easily wears off. So, if you choose this option, be ready for the maintenance that it needs and make sure that you exert extra time and effort for that. 
With these pros and cons of the wood patio cover designs discussed to you, you can now decide whether these are the right options for your needed patio covers or not. If you think these are not, then look at the other options such as those made of aluminum, acrylic, or fiber. 
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Patio Covers Will Stop Your Furniture From Looking Shabby

Your outdoor patio or living area gets lots of use and will start looking a little shabby as the years go on. Instead of investing in new patio furniture you can give your existing pieces a facelift. It is simple and easy to spruce up your patio furniture. It just takes a little time and effort to bring your patio back to its original beauty.

Once you have restored your patio furniture, it is a very good idea to invest in some high quality patio furniture covers. They will protect your furniture from the sun’s harmful rays and from moisture and dust. Patio covers come in different styles and colors; there are even designer collections to coordinate with your décor.

You may be surprised what a fresh coat of paint can do for your patio furniture. Spray paint comes in a variety of colors and you have the choice of repainting your furniture the same color or you can completely change the look by using a different color. You want to make sure you select paint that is for outdoor or exterior use.

It just depends on the amount of time you want to spend refurbishing your patio furniture. Painting it the same color will save you time. It is more time consuming to change the color completely because you will have to be more careful about getting in hard to reach areas. This is especially true when painting wicker.

If you are painting wicker you should clean in with a brush and a vacuum cleaner. No matter what type of furniture you are painting you should always paint it with a primer first. Once the primer coat has completely dried, you can add one or two coats of the exterior paint.

To clean your patio cushions you need to look at the tags for cleaning instructions. It is also recommended that you clean stains up right away. You can also spray on a protective stain guard coating after you have cleaned the cushion covers. Most cushion covers can be removed from the foam padding and washed in the washing machine. You should never put the covers in a dryer because they could shrink.

If you can’t remove the cushions you can wash them with warm water and a mild soap. It is very important that you rinse the covers thoroughly. Any soap that is left on the fabric will become sticky and attract dirt. You should never use bleach on acrylic or vinyl coated polyester fabrics. You can put the cushions in the sun to thoroughly dry them.

Your patio furniture will look like new again after you have cleaned the cushions and painted the frames. You will get the satisfaction of making your outdoor living space warm and inviting once again. To protect your hard work make sure you invest in good patio furniture covers. They will add years of life to your existing pieces. Your patio will look bright and fresh for years to come.

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