Looking for a New Patio in Austin?

A patio cover is a beneficial addition to any home. Custom patio covers offer shade and cooling during the summer and can add resale value to a home.  Households use their patios not only for shade but as a place to spend quality family time, as a venue for barbeques and gatherings, and as a way to add a touch of unique aesthetic appeal. Patios can do a lot for a family, but families who live in the southern part of the country know there are  many things that could ruin an otherwise beautiful patio. States like Texas can experience thunderstorms, sandstorms, tornadoes, hailstorms, and blistering heat. Mother Nature can wreak havoc on a patio, but there are ways to help it last as long as it needs to.  The first, and most important, thing to remember is that a quality patio comes from a quality building company.

AHS Construction, of Austin, Texas, understands what it takes to build a custom patio that can withstand the elements.  AHS Construction was founded in Texas and is proud to be building custom patio covers for fellow Texans throughout the Austin area and surrounding hill country. AHS was founded in central Texas, so they know the kind of harsh weather a patio can endure. This is why they make beautiful, custom patio covers that are built to last.

AHS Construction specializes in custom patios but can supply a variety of other residential services. AHS Construction can add value and versatility to any home with a sunroom, an outdoor kitchen, an updated carport, or even an area for outdoor sports like basketball.  AHS can even build a custom home.

AHS is known for its quality of work as well as its excellent customer service. Past clients have praised AHS for its professionalism and craftsmanship, both of which are important traits in a construction company. AHS technicians build custom elements, so they listen to their customers and understand what is important to each of them. AHS knows that a house is one of the biggest investments a person can make, so they treat each project, from custom patios to room additions, with care and attention to detail.

AHS is proud to serve the Austin area, so they use nothing but top-quality products and materials on each project.  AHS also wants to help keep Austin and Texas beautiful, so they feature green, “Earth friendly” construction techniques.

AHS Construction has been supplying Austin, Round Rock, and central Texas with custom patio covers, house painting, kitchen remodeling, and metal buildings and structures for over ten years. AHS is a Better Business Bureau accredited business and is a  member of the Texas Homebuilders Association as well as the Home Builders Association of Greater Austin. AHS’ quality of work, attention to detail, and outstanding customer service ensure that they will provide exceptional service at competitive rates.

AHS is a perfect choice for anyone living in central Texas who is looking for a custom patio cover, a remodeling contractor, a new home, or room to grown in their own home. AHS Construction has the local experience and expertise to add custom improvements and upgrades to any home in the Austin and central Texas area. 

Please visit them at www.ahsconstruction.com

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