Patio Cover Ideas

Patio covers provide a little or shade or cover for those who want to enjoy the outside view, and can be inexpensive provided with the right materials. Of course there are dozens of patio cover ideas that are available everywhere on TV, the movies and even on the internet, even if they don’t notice it at first.

Patio covers are generally made of wood, while others can be a bit more creative like using small trees just high enough for a standard floor to ceiling height. Other man-made ones can be of plastic and such, but this is not recommended unless it fits the desired theme and category.

Some of the patio covers seen are usually the clever ones. One patio can be made to look like a vineyard over the brick-lain area, and added with ivy or the like (actual grapevines for those who can afford it) would have a more Italian feel to any patio. Other ways to make a patio even more colorful is to add a few hanging plants and the like, as if emulating the hanging gardens.

Some patio covers can be made with an eastern touch. For the Chinese and Japanese, layered tiles can create a more Oriental look to make it more elegant. Of course, it would mean total cover and shade, but not enough it would appear like a gazebo. Having a few cheap ornamental pieces like some Japanese statues and hanging bamboo mats would complete the effect.

Other construction materials for patio covers would also involve using bricks or even concrete columns for support. Some of the usual designs would be like Roman columns, added with the slatted cover around a good-sized patio for a more regal approach. Though not much decoration is needed, this would be perfect for homeowners who live in hot weather. Other support columns are made using stone or bricks for that sturdy feeling for any patio cover.

As for color, most patio covers are usually in its drab white. Of course this doesn’t undermine the patio cover’s true purpose, but the more popular ones are of earth tones that can capture the surrounding landscape as well. Making sure the desired color is being selected, it would be best to stick with the outer paint of the house, if not just white. There are a few patio covers that are left as is, with some varnished to give the patio a sheen look. Making sure the patio wouldn’t be a splinter-prone area, most carpenters would make sure to sand and smoothen the edges.

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