Patio Covers Will Stop Your Furniture From Looking Shabby

Your outdoor patio or living area gets lots of use and will start looking a little shabby as the years go on. Instead of investing in new patio furniture you can give your existing pieces a facelift. It is simple and easy to spruce up your patio furniture. It just takes a little time and effort to bring your patio back to its original beauty.

Once you have restored your patio furniture, it is a very good idea to invest in some high quality patio furniture covers. They will protect your furniture from the sun’s harmful rays and from moisture and dust. Patio covers come in different styles and colors; there are even designer collections to coordinate with your d├ęcor.

You may be surprised what a fresh coat of paint can do for your patio furniture. Spray paint comes in a variety of colors and you have the choice of repainting your furniture the same color or you can completely change the look by using a different color. You want to make sure you select paint that is for outdoor or exterior use.

It just depends on the amount of time you want to spend refurbishing your patio furniture. Painting it the same color will save you time. It is more time consuming to change the color completely because you will have to be more careful about getting in hard to reach areas. This is especially true when painting wicker.

If you are painting wicker you should clean in with a brush and a vacuum cleaner. No matter what type of furniture you are painting you should always paint it with a primer first. Once the primer coat has completely dried, you can add one or two coats of the exterior paint.

To clean your patio cushions you need to look at the tags for cleaning instructions. It is also recommended that you clean stains up right away. You can also spray on a protective stain guard coating after you have cleaned the cushion covers. Most cushion covers can be removed from the foam padding and washed in the washing machine. You should never put the covers in a dryer because they could shrink.

If you can’t remove the cushions you can wash them with warm water and a mild soap. It is very important that you rinse the covers thoroughly. Any soap that is left on the fabric will become sticky and attract dirt. You should never use bleach on acrylic or vinyl coated polyester fabrics. You can put the cushions in the sun to thoroughly dry them.

Your patio furniture will look like new again after you have cleaned the cushions and painted the frames. You will get the satisfaction of making your outdoor living space warm and inviting once again. To protect your hard work make sure you invest in good patio furniture covers. They will add years of life to your existing pieces. Your patio will look bright and fresh for years to come.

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